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Vol. LIII - Number 158 : January-April 2018

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Thomas Aquinas' Concept of Esse and the Problem of Edith Stein's Notion of Essential Being

  Jose Adriand Emmanuel Layug / Philosophy Department, Immaculate Conception Major Seminary, Bulacan, Philippines

St. Edith Stein's notion of essential being, rich as it is, in a sense is problematic. This paper wants to argue this point in the light of St. Thomas Aquinas' understanding of esse. The first part of the paper will present how Stein understood essential being and how its existence Read More...

The Undeniable Import of Marcel's Hope

  Jimi Caldea / Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Arts, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines

The contemporary man's inclination to transcendence and the ontological is threatened to collapse due to technology, bureaucracy, and the "problematical." With the pervasiveness of both public and private organizations' processes focusing on profit and selfish motives, discounting human and spiritual formation, man's descent to desolation is certain. Hence, "alienation" from Read More...

HIV/AIDS in the Philippines in Light of Evangelium Vitae

  Maria Elena Adre, FdCC / Canossa Health and Social Center Foundation, Inc., Cavite, Philippines

In 1995, John Paul II wrote Evangelium Vitae (EV) to address the ever-increasing threats to human life and dignity. In this encyclical, he presents the dynamics of a clash of cultures in our modern world: one of death and one of life. This paper presents the worsening HIV/AIDS situation in Read More...

The Achievements of the Early Christian Religious in the Ladrones Islands before Spanish Occupation and Settlement

  Augusto de Viana / Department of History, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

Christians were already present in the Ladrones Islands before a permanent Christian mission was established there in 1668. Now known as the Mariana Islands after the islands were named after Queen Maria Ana of Austria, the Ladrones were discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 while on his way to find Read More...


Jesus M. Miranda, Jr., OP

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Fifth Centennial of Philippine Christianization 2021 (Quincentenario 1521-2021)


As a contribution to the celebration of the Quincentenario (1521-2021) of the Philippine Church, the Philippiniana Sacra announces a Call Read More...


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