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Vol. LIV - No. 162 : May - August 2019

A Comparative Study of Sacred Bonds in Institutes of Consecrated Life

Melanie S. Reyes, MSBS

In the course of history, different forms of consecrated life have emerged in the Church. Two of these, the religious and consecrated seculars, are recognized in the 1983 Code as Institutes of Consecrated life. Although distinct from one another, members of these institutes assume the practice of the evangelical ... Read More

Keywords :  Sacred Bonds, Public Vows, Secular Institutes, Religious Institutes, Institutes of Consecrated Life, Consecration

Desacralizing the Christian Proclamation in the Global City

Virgilio A. Ojoy, O.P

The paper aims to argue that the Christian message is not totally lost and discarded despite the increasing resistance of an increasing percentage of peoples who turned away from the religious language in the way they deal with their day-to-day life. The paper then proposes that the proclamation of the ... Read More

Keywords :  Christian Message, Desacralizing, Global City, Religious Other, Human Values

The Significance of Homoousios in Athanasius of Alexandria

Joseph Nguyen Huu Thap, OP and Jannel Abogado, OP

In 325, the first ever ecumenical council in the church was celebrated at Nicea to address the Arian question about the nature of the Son. Nicea formulated a creed which contained formulaic expressions that proclaim the right doctrine of the Son. Among these expressions, the term homoousios became normative in ... Read More

Keywords :  Athanasius of Alexandria, Nicea, homoousios, Son of God, ontological unity, equality in essence, mediation, Arians

The “Good of the Human Person” As Emerging End of Marriage: A Re-Interpretation of Genesis 2:18-25

Revenendo R. Vargas

The human person is destined to God, and is morally and naturally ordered to be with God, his/her absolute end. In Genesis, for man to be alone is not good (Gen. 2:18), and so He created the helpmate, the woman. Hence, major philosophies adopted this biblical account as the institutional ... Read More

Keywords :  Good, Human Person, Marriage, Ends, Creation

Translating Baptism: A Case for Buniag

Damon L. Woods

Vatican II’s allowing the use of the vernacular in the administration of the sacraments with the goal of having the faithful participate in in the liturgy opened the door to those serving Ilocanos to make decisions regarding what terms to use. One such term was buniag, about which there ... Read More

Keywords :  Translating Ilocano, Bunyag/buniag, Foronda, Juan A., Foronda, Marcelino A., Jr., Francisco Lopez

A Visual Documentation of Fil-Hispanic Churches Part XXI: The Church of San Jacinto de Polonia in Camalaniugan, Cagayan (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Regalado Trota José

... Read More

Keywords :  

Discurso Leído en la Apertura de sus Estudios el día 2 de Julio de 1885 (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Evaristo Fernandez Arias, OP

... Read More

Keywords :  

Discurso Leído en la Apertura de sus Estudios el día 2 de Julio de 1885 - Foreword: A Lecture on Positivism read at the Opening of the Academic Studies on July 2, 1885 by Rev. Fr. Evaristo Fernandez Arias, OP (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Belen Lorezca-Tangco

... Read More

Keywords :  


... Read More

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