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Vol. LIV - No. 163 : September-December 2019

Some Notes: An Introduction to Spiritual Theology in the Third Millennium

Fausto B. Gomez, OP

The study titled Some Notes: an Introduction to Spiritual Theology in the Third Millennium is like an initiation into spiritual theology or Christian spirituality in Christian perspective. The paper presents a panoramic view of spiritual theology and Christian spirituality closely connected with moral theology. Hopefully the essay is like a ... Read More

Keywords :  moral theology, spirituality, Christian spirituality, morality, holiness, asceticism, mysticism.

Ethno-religious identity, Ethics, and Responsibility: Levinas’s Critique of Religion

Pablito A. Baybado, Jr.

In the Christian, Moro, and Indigenous People’s relation in the Philippines, religion is the foundation of ethnic identity and provides the legitimacy of their disparate notion of history, understanding of conflict, and meaning of peace. As the underlying motif of their relation, religion has contributed in their uneasy and ... Read More

Keywords :  Religion, Ethno-religious identity, Responsibility, Ethics

Sto. Niño: The Face of Jesus Christ in Cebuano Culture

Vic Anthonny Villaganas

The image of Jesus Christ is famously known as the Sto. Niño in Cebu. This little Jesus with the title as the Sto. Niño is being worshipped by many Cebuanos and other Filipino Devotees as well. His divine presence in the land of Cebu has dramatically shaped and developed the ... Read More

Keywords :  Christ-Centered Faith, Adoration, Veneration, Piety, Culture, Devotee

Tuguegarao’s Saint Peter’s Cathedral: Its History and Conservation

Prince Wilson A. Macarubbo

The Saint Peter’s Cathedral (Tuguegarao Cathedral) is the biggest ladrillo church in the Cagayan Valley Region and it is the seat of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao. It was built under the supervision of Fr. Antonio Lobato de Santo Tomas, OP at the height of the 18th Century. After its construction, ... Read More

Keywords :  Tuguegarao Cathedral, Cagayan Valley, Heritage Conservation, History, Architecture, Dominicans

A Visual Documentation of Fil-Hispanic Churches Part XXII: The Church of San Miguel Arcángel, Nassiping, Cagayan (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Regalado Trota José

... Read More

Keywords :  

Discurso Leído en la Apertura Anual de los Estudios de la Real y Pontificia Universidad de Sto. Tomás de Manila el día 2 de Julio de 1886 (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Marcos Laynez Hernando, OP

... Read More

Keywords :  

Discurso Leído en la Apertura Anual de los Estudios de la Real y Pontificia Universidad de Sto. Tomás de Manila el día 2 de Julio de 1886 - Foreword: The Annual Opening Lecture on July 2, 1886 by Rev. Fr. Marcos Laynes Hernando, OP (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Belen Lorezca- Tangco

... Read More

Keywords :  


Franklin F. Beltran, OP; Norberto M. Castillo, O.P.; Joel C. Sagut; Wilhelm B. Boñon, O.P.; Jose Adriand Emmanuel L. Layug

... Read More

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