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Vol. LV - No. 165 : May - August 2020

World War Against Marriage

Danilo Flores

The research re-echoes the warning of the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, on the modern ideologies, especially the ‘anthropological reduction’ and the ‘'technological Promethanism' that attack and weaken the true concept of humanitas, matrimonium and familia which are all natural and divine institutions. ... Read More

Keywords :  natural law, legal positivism, humanism, reason and freedom, dictatorship of relativism, marriage, world war, Benedict XVI, Ratzinger

Legitimizing Context: The Literary and Theological Function of Mary and Mariology in Aglipay’s Novenario de la Patria

Peter-Ben Smit

One of the more striking and – likely – widely used publications of Gregorio Aglipay, one of the found-ing fathers of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, is the so-called Novenario de la Patria (1926). It con-tains both a specific kind of – emancipatory – Mariology and a statement in devotional form ... Read More

Keywords :  Mary, Birhen sa Balintawak, Aglipay, Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Mariology, Novenenario de la Patria, Novena, Katipunan

The Thomistic Metaphysics of Grace and the Infused Virtues

Reynaldo Reyes

Title: The Thomistic Metaphysics of Grace and the Infused Virtues ABSTRACT: In Thomism, once Grace is infused, the Theological and Moral virtues are also infused. But, why are the Moral virtues infused when they are naturally acquirable? ‘Is not the Theological Virtue of Charity sufficient to move the natural moral ... Read More

Keywords :  KEYWORDS: Thomism, Grace, Nature, Virtues, Metaphysics

St. Thomas Aquinas and the Revision of Catholic Philosophy

Jovito Cariño

In one of the key passages of his encyclical Fides et Ratio, philosopher, pope and now saint, John Paul II, asserted that: “The Church has no philosophy of her own nor does she canonize any one particular philosophy in preference to others.” (49). This claim which is at once ... Read More

Keywords :  Catholic, philosophy, faith, reason, Thomas Aquinas

A Visual Documentation of Fil-Hispanic Churches Part XXIV: The Church of Santa Ana, Buguey, Cagayan PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Regalado Trota José

... Read More

Keywords :  

An Annotated Transcription of Compendio Historial (1690), by Juan Peguero, O.P. (Part 2) (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Jorge Mojarro

... Read More

Keywords :  


Norberto M. Castillo, O.P.; John Mi Shen; Kim Tack Hoon; Jose Adriand Emmanuel L. Layug; José Ángel del Barrio Muñoz

... Read More

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