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Vol. LVI - No. 167 : January - April 2021

Editor’s Note

Jorge Mojarro-Guest Editor

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The First Hundred Years of the Augustinians in the Philippines (1565 -1665): Daily Life, Customs, and Traditions

Ericson M. Borre

Much has been written about the early missionaries in the Philippines especially about their contributions and their involvement in the country’s history. However, we know little about their daily life, customs, norms, and how they lived with the natives and evangelized them. They left their country to accompany and be ... Read More

Keywords :  Augustinians in the Philippines, early missionaries, daily life and customs

Vida y Obra del Padre Rodrigo Aganduru de San Miguel, (1584-1626)

Ángel Martínez Cuesta

The present article attempts to present the most complete biography of one of the earliest and most outstanding Recollect missionaries in the Philippines, Fr. Rodrigo de San Miguel. After reviewing the extanct literature on the friar, it will shed light on the main activities of Fr. San Miguel in the ... Read More

Keywords :  Fr. Rodrigo de San Miguel, Recollect missions in the Philippines, Church history, colonial literature, ecclesiastical chronicles

The Governor’s Blindness: Francisco Combés, SJ, and His Relación de las Islas Filipinas (ca. 1654)

Alexandre Coello de la Rosa

The objective of this paper is twofold. First, to underline the fact that the Relación de las Islas Filipinas (ca. 1654) responded to the need to provide “entera notiçia de las cosas” to the new governor of the Philippines, Don Sabiniano Manrique de Lara, to promote good government. And second, ... Read More

Keywords :  Combés, Mindanao, 17th century, Jesuits, Philippines

Producing “Idolatry:” Indigenous Knowledge Production via Colonial Investigations into Animism, Luzon, 1679–1687

Nicholas Michael Sy

The existing historiography primarily discusses the early Philippine experience of Roman Catholic conversion in terms of (a) conversion’s success or failure, or (b) local resistance against colonial hegemony. This article, meanwhile, approaches the confrontation generated by conversion as a process of colonial knowledge production. The concept of “idolatry” was central ... Read More

Keywords :  Knowledge production, Missionary, Church, Philippines, Early Modern, Spanish Empire, Conversion, Idolatry

Fray Juan Duárez, OFM, “Fundador” del Pueblo de Daraga (Filipinas)

Cayetano Sánchez Fuertes, OFM

The present article attempts to trace the missionary itinerary of Fr. Juan Duárez de Santa Cruz, one of the most distinguished Franciscan friars in Camarines. Making extensive use of unpublished archival material, it focuses in two important aspects of his work: the fundation of the town of Caraga and his ... Read More

Keywords :  Fr. Juan Duárez de Santa Cruz, Franciscan missions in the Philippines, History of Camarines, Mayon volcano, History of Daraga, History of Cagsawa

Hispano-Filipina Church Music in Intramuros, Manila in the Context of Nineteenth-Century Philippine Modernity (1858-1898)

Maria Alexandra Iñigo-Chua

Because conversion was Spain’s imperial project in all its colonies, the church, as an institution, became a major player in the colonial enterprise. Christianization became a constitutive force in the country’s colonial affairs as friars were sent to the archipelago to realize Spain’s mission of conversion. From early accounts, it ... Read More

Keywords :  Hispano-Filipina Sacred Music, Intramuros, Philippine Modernity, nineteenth-century, transculturation, lithography

Fr. Diego Cera and His School: Their Contribution to the Organ Culture of the Philippines

Leo Renier

Diego Cera has been heralded as the builder of the Bamboo Organ of Las Piñas. This article explores how he passed on his technical knowledge to his apprentices, who after his death, continued building pipe organs during the middle of the 19th century. When all the organs he built and ... Read More

Keywords :  Diego Cera, Music in Colonial Philippines, Organs, Las Piñas Organ

The Nineteenth-Century Thomist from the Far East: Cardinal Zeferino González, OP (1831–1894)

Levine Andro H. Lao

In light of the celebration of the five centuries of Christianity in the Philippines, this article hopes to reintroduce Fr. Zeferino González, OP, to scholars of Church history, philosophy, and cultural heritage. He was an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomás, a Cardinal, and a champion of the revival ... Read More

Keywords :  Zeferino González, Thomism in Asia, Aeterni Patris, Christian Philosophy, History of Philosophy

Tagalogs Voicing their Faith in 1600s Vernacular Documents (1) Residents of Bataan Donate Lands to the College of Santo Tomás, 1674 (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

Regalado Trota José

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An Early Dominican Imprint on the Missions in Batanes (1722) [PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS]

Jorge Mojarro

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Dennis C. Amarante; Melanie D. Turingan, PhD

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Editor's Note

Jesus M. Miranda, Jr., OP

The year 2021 is a special year for the Philippines and the Dominican Order. It is the fifth centennial of the introduction of Christianity to the Philippines and the 800th year of the Dies Natalis of St. Dominic de Guzman in heaven.

The Philippiniana Sacra dedicates three issues to these significant celebrations. The works, collected here, present an in-depth scholarly understanding of the missionaries’ collegial efforts in evangelizing the so-called “bastion of Christianity in Asia,” which started in the 1500s. The topics range from key historical figures, modes of preaching or missionary approaches, the establishment of religious centers for evangelization, the arts, and the development of educational institutions.

Jorge Mojarro, Ph.D., a professor in the Graduate School of the University of Santo Tomas, serves as Guest Editor for the issue on the fifth centenary of Christianity in the Philippines. Prof. Mojarro specializes in global Hispanic literature, and teaches and researches on transpacific studies and early Iberian accounts about Asia (1550–1700).

The Philippiniana Sacra also offers a gesture of honor to St. Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Order of Preachers, in commemoration of the eighth centennial of his death. The Center for Theology, Religious Studies and Ethics (CTRSE) of the University of Santo Tomas is working on the second volume, which bears the theme “The Dominican Way of Building the Church.” CTRSE is under the directorship of Fr. Jannel Abogado, OP, DTPS, who is Guest Editor of the other volumes of the special issues.

May our dear researchers, in pursuit of newfound knowledge, find joy in opening and browsing this website. We invite them to join us, humble sons of Dominic de Guzman, as we endeavor to perpetuate Father Dominic’s pivotal role in serving the Church that he loved, especially here in a region that he may have never imagined or known when he founded the Order of Preachers.

May the Veritas that we all search for lead us toward love, as the letter to the Ephesians 4:15 would want us all to reflect on, Veritas in Caritate.


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