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2021 Issues

Vol. LVI - No. 168 : May - August

Editor’s Note

  Jorge Mojarro-Guest Editor

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Philippine Style on Wood Screens: Early-Modern Altarpieces in Manila and the Archipelago

  Pedro Luengo

Early modern altarpieces constitute one of the most numerous collections of art in the Philippines and one of the most characteristic elements of religious heritage. Even so, art historians have paid little attention to their development and their chronology. This paper aims to provide a formal framework to date the ... Read More

Keywords :  altarpieces, religious heritage, woodcarving, Baroque, History of Art

Negotiating Peace and Faith: Jesuit Mediators in the Inter-Polity Relations between Christians and Muslims in the 17th-Century Philippines

  Eberhard Crailsheim

In the overlay of Muslim and Christian geopolitical interest zones in the early modern Philippines, the missionaries of the Society of Jesus got to play a unique role as cultural intermediaries. This article analyzes some outstanding episodes of Jesuit diplomatic activities between the Spanish colonial government and the rulers on ... Read More

Keywords :  Jesuits, Muslims, 17th century, Philippines, Maguindanao, Sulu, Spanish Empire, colonialism, diplomacy

Contributing to the Identification of Publications from the Dominican, Jesuit, and Franciscan Presses through a Study of Graphic Art in Manila, 1604-1815

  Carla T. Gamalinda

This article demonstrates the use of graphic art as a source of information. This information, gathered through non-verbal methods, and not available through other methodologies, contributes to the identification of anonymous publications by supporting or prompting reinvestigation of claims by previous scholars. The information was gathered through a chronological cataloguing ... Read More

Keywords :  Manila, printing press, graphic art, Dominican, Jesuit, Franciscan

Envisaging the Weight of His Legacy: Manuel Antonio Rojo del Río Lubián y Vieyra

  Ana Ruiz Gutiérrez

This research is aimed at making up the career of one of the most relevant figures in the History of the Philippines during the eighteenth century, since he took over the Governorship and Archbishopric of Manila from 1759 to 1762, influencing his vital and professional path both in his mother country, ... Read More

Keywords :  Philippines, Mexico, Governorship, Archbishopric, Legacy

Parental Authority and Freedom of Marriage: Cases from the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Manila (1781-1790)

  Marya Svetlana T. Camacho

Through the Real Pragmática of 23 March 1776 and its derivative laws, parental permission for betrothal and marriage of minors became a civil requirement in Spain and its overseas colonies. The law primarily intended to prevent marriages of persons of unequal status with a view to preserving familial position and ... Read More

Keywords :  betrothal, freedom of marriage, Real Pragmática of 23 March 1776, canon law, parental authority, colonial Philippines

Cartas desde San Jacinto: la Provincia del Santo Rosario de Filipinas durante la invasión napoleónica de España (1808-1814)

  José Ángel del Barrio Muñoz

The invasion of Spain by Napoleon did not leave the Philippines aside. On the contrary, the islands were affected by the turbulent events that stirred up both the metropolis and the American territories of the Hispanic Crown. The Province of the Holy Rosary in the Philippines would be both a ... Read More

Keywords :  Dominicans, San Jacinto, New Spain, Philippines, Bonaparte

La Presa de Campana: Constructing the Narrative of a Dominican Legacy in Calamba, Laguna

  Edgar Allan M. Sembrano

In Spanish colonial Philippines, a number of structures were constructed for various purposes such as churches, cemeteries, bridges, watchtowers, fortifications, and lighthouses but little is known about the religious contributions to engineering and irrigation. This paper proposes a contribution to knowledge in this field, particularly water engineering as literature on ... Read More

Keywords :  Campana Dam, Dominicans, irrigation, Calamba, Laguna

Accounting for Calamity: Parish Financial Records in the Philippines During Times of Natural Disaster, Epidemic, and War

  David Joseph Kendall

Written archives stored in parish churches in the Philippines are valuable sources of information about the life and activities of parishes and their inhabitants. Financial records, inventories, and other documents often detail the consistency and regularity of spiritual life in the community, but they also highlight cataclysms and calamities caused ... Read More

Keywords :  Archival sources, Spanish colonial period, American colonial period, Natural disasters, Spanish-American War, 1918 Flu pandemic, World War II, Financial administration

Tagalogs Voicing their Faith in 1600s Vernacular Documents (2) Don Miguel Dipasouay’s Last Will and Testament, 1654 (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

  Regalado Trota José

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A Rare Spanish Imprint on Dominican Martyrs in Japan: Edition and Study (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

  Jorge Mojarro

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  Melanie D. Turingan

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