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Vol. LIII - No. 160 : September-December 2018

Some Reflections on the Relationship between Religion and Science, especially Evolution

  Brendan Sweetman, FISSR

The relationship between religion and evolution is complex and controversial. This article explains the position known as theistic evolution, a version of which was defended by St. Augustine, and shows how religion and evolution are compatible with each other. After a brief overview of various ways in which evolution and religion are often ... Read More

Keywords :  religion, evolution, design, naturalism, science, chance, theism, secularism

“Crown, Town, Gown:” A Philosophical Consideration of Some Issues and Challenges

  Santiago Sia

This essay sketches some developments in contemporary society, with specific reference to secularization and the proliferation of messages. It discusses some consequent issues and challenges to the Christian message and to a faith-based academic institution. The author offers a suggestion as to why and how, precisely because of the distinctiveness of the Christian vision ... Read More

Keywords :  faith-based education, secularization, Christian message, credibility, ethos, vision and mission

Austrian Missionaries in 17th and 18th Century Philippines: The Story of Fr. Paul Klein, S.J. and Bro. Georg Joseph Kamel, S.J.

  Augusto V. de Viana

Austrians comprised some of the religious missionaries who came to the Philippines during the early part of Spanish colonization. A decree by King Philip II of Spain who was also the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire ruled that non-Spaniards belonging to the Habsburg Empire may serve as missionaries in the colonies of ... Read More

Keywords :  Austrian Missionaries, , Achievements, Recognition

Particular Church vis-à-vis Universal Church: Locating the Role and Place of the Bishop

  Ross Heruela, SVD

The identity of the bishop is an intricate issue. For one, the bishop has an identity as a bishop of the Particular Church and, for another, he is a bishop in the Universal Church. This study attempts to explore these concerns. It aims to expose the particular identity of the bishop of the ... Read More

Keywords :  Bishop, Communion, Particular Church, Ratzinger, Universal Church

The Filipino Physician and End-of-Life Decisions Culture and Ethical Decision-Making

  Maria Elena Adre, FdCC, MD

Making ethically correct end-of-life decisions (ELDs) can be one of the most difficult tasks the Filipino doctor has to face because it is counter-cultural to directly speak of death with a patient. A group of urban-trained Filipino doctors were surveyed to determine criteria they were most likely to consider for: use of aggressive ... Read More

Keywords :  ethics, end-of-life decisions, terminally-ill, Filipino doctors, indigenous culture, Catholic moral teaching

A Visual Documentation of Fil-Hispanic Churches − Part XIX: The Church of San Pablo Apostol in Cabagan Viejo (Now San Pablo), Isabela (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

  Regalado Trota Jose / Archives, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

... Read More

Keywords :  

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