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Vol. LIV - No. 161 : January-April 2019

Refiguring the Ecclesiology of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines for Filipino Catholics

  Allan A. Basas

The Second Plenary Counicl of the Philippines (PCP II) expresses one of the hopes and memories of Vatican II, which is to witness the emergence of world Church or the realization of the Church in a given place, time, and people. Guided by the query, “How do we live as ... Read More

Keywords :  Ecclesiology, PCP II, Discipleship in Community, Contextual Theologies, Creative Imagination, Culture, Bayanihan, Kapwa

Missionary Literature in 1890: The Writings of Father Campa, O.P.

  Jorge Mojarro

When Spain was on the verge of losing its last colonies, the Dominicans were still carrying out very actively their missionary work in Central and Northern Luzon and trying to preach the Gospel to isolated ethnic groups reluctant to be resettled down in newly formed Christian villages. This paper presents ... Read More

Keywords :  XIXth Century Philippines, Buenaventura Campa, O.P., Missionary Literature, Mayoyao, Ilongots

No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors: Nanotechnology and Some Implications for Education

  Marciana Agnes G. Ponsaran

Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that is poised to create a huge impact in the various spheres of human concerns such as the geopolitical, business, education, legal, military, environment, health, and medical domains. With its rapid and inevitable development, it becomes imperative not only to deliberate on its ethical and ... Read More

Keywords :  nanotechnology, education, interdisciplinarity, uncertainty and risks, foundational issues

Doing Interfaith Dialogue for Peace in a Globalizing World

  Delfo Canceran, OP

This paper tackles the problematic relationship between religion and violence. Religion is ambivalent in relation to peace and violence. Nonetheless, as peace advocates, we need to use the potential resources of religion as a way of advancing peace in a violent world. Interfaith dialogue is a tedious task not only ... Read More

Keywords :  Globalization, Peace, Peacebuilding, Religion, Western Hegemony, Religious Violence

A Visual Documentation of Fil-Hispanic Churches Part XX: The Churches of Lallo and Tocolana in Cagayan (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

  Regalado Trota José

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Discurso leído en la Apertura anual de los estudios de la Real y Pontificia Universidad de Santo Tomás de Manila el día 2 de Julio de 1884 (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

  Casto de Elera, OP

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Discurso leído en la Apertura anual de los estudios de la Real y Pontificia Universidad de Santo Tomás de Manila el día 2 de Julio de 1884: FOREWORD-Discurso de Apertura of Rev. Fr. Casto de Elera, OP, July 2, 1884 (PHILIPPINIANA RECORDS)

  Belen Lorezca-Tangco

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